For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by pregnancy, birth, newborns, and babies. At age 3, I announced that I wanted to have “10,000 babies” (true story!) and my mother helpfully suggested that I had probably better get started.

Documenting children and how meaningful they are to their families is in my blood because I grew up knowing that children are precious, and photographs are of the utmost importance. Every family that works with me to create heirloom portraits brings me a little bit closer to my childhood goal; having 10,000 babies isn’t on my to do list any more but spending a few precious hours every day appreciating, stealing the occasional snuggle, and photographing 10,000 babies sounds just about perfect.

When I’m not creating portraits for my clients or running my small business, I am chilling in Ballard with my husband, my daughter, our two kitties, and close friends.