I love photography as an art and I want to hire a talented artist, not just someone with an expensive camera!

This work looks a little different than the other photographers I’ve seen and I really like that – I’m a bit artsy and edgy myself. I like to think we’re still hip even though we’re parents now!

I want to look natural and like myself in my portraits, why would I be wrapped in gauze?

I’m worried about looking good in my maternity portraits because I’m not exactly feeling like a hot mama right now.

I care about the people who will be handling my newborn baby and his or her safety and comfort is important to me.

I want my baby to look natural and classic, not posed in props or wrapped up in costumes.

I want our family portraits to focus on our relationships and our personalities. I know my two year old won’t sit still for posed pictures though!

I want to end up with a few amazing images that I absolutely love and cherish, not 100 that are so-so.

This is a big investment so I want to make our time, energy, and money count. It has to be right!

I’d rather pay a little bit more to get a high value than to save money but not get everything I expect and deserve.

When this experience is done, I don’t want to be left still dealing with what to do with our portraits. I have enough pictures still stuck on my own computer that we haven’t printed and framed yet!

If you identified with any of these statements, give Martha a call to talk about your portrait ideas.